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Cable Repair & Fabrication
Wire interconnect and wiring harness fabrication

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We provide our customers with reliable cables and interconnects that are physically and electrically appropriate for their application, and conformant to the most demanding industrial requirements and military specifications.

Cable Fabrication

Bagan designs new cable solutions and can duplicate or improve existing designs. We can interface with most connectors and cables, and integrate requested electronic components. We offer on-site evaluations to determine optimal cable configuration and specs.

Bagan can also perform in-house environmental testing of humidity resilience, dielectric breakdown, dielectric withstand, insulation resistance, and temperature fluctuation testing on prototype designs.

Cable Repair

Bagan performs automated pin-by-pin cable testing to pinpoint failures for faster cable repair turnaround. For harsh environments, we can retrofit your existing cables with more robust connectors, shielding, and carriers to improve cable and connector reliability. We offer on-site evaluations of application to help maximize longevity and minimize downtime.

Automated Cable Testers

Bagan automated cable test fixtures and portable testing units are designed to accelerate circuit testing in manufacturing quality checks, improve troubleshooting in critical maintenance environments, and allow real-time monitoring of prototype testing. We design these durable cable interfaces to accurately, comprehensively, and simultaneously check each circuit of the cable under test.

A2LA Accredited
A2LA Accredited Calibration
In-Lab / On-Site
ISO/IEC 17025:2005
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994
Certificate 1625.01
ABS Quality Evaluations
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
• Calibration Management
• Repairable Asset Management
• Preventive Maintenance Management
Certificate 34299

NCSL International
NCSLI Member

National Conference of Standards Laboratories International

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